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                滬度還很是驚人士沖突礦政策 WUS Conflict Minerals Policy
                        The mining and trading of Coltan (the metal ore from which Tantalum is extracted), Wolframite (the metal ore from which Tungsten is extracted), Cassiterite (the metal ore from which Tin is extracted), and Gold, and their respective derivatives, originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo("DRC") or adjoining countries(the "DRC Region") has financed conflict, resulting in widespread human rights violations and environmental degradation. Section 1502(b) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act ("Conflict Minerals Law") requires SEC reporting Companies to undertake an inquiry as to the source and chain of custody of conflict minerals and to report their "DRC Conflict-Free" status.
                         WUS完全支持這項立法,其目的是盡量減少暴力和剛果(金)地區的環境破∞壞。我們將遵守沖突礦歷史歲月中物法所有適♀用的義務,根據OECD指南︼開展盡職調查。WUS期望所有供應商遵守沖突礦Ψ 物法,並提№供所有必要的聲明,使用RMI 沖突╱礦產報告模板。這些ζ 措施將聯合行業倡議如無沖突冶煉廠調查∏程序,以確保在我們制造的【產品中鉭、鎢、錫、金使用合理,只從經過獨立第三方驗證的可是現在回想起來冶煉廠/精煉廠▂采購,所提供的產品不會直接或間接使嚴重我師父是一陽子侵犯人權的武裝團體受益,滬士對供應商未來業務不符合這◇項政策將進行評估
                        WUS fully supports the objectives of this legislation, which aims to minimize violence and environmental damage in the DRC Region. We will comply with all applicable obligations under Conflict Minerals Law. And conduct due diligence in accordance with OECD guidelines. WUS expects that all suppliers comply with Conflict Minerals Law and provide all necessary declararions using the RMI Conflict Minerals Reporting Template. These measures will be used in conjunction with industry initiatives such as the Conflict-Free Smelter Program to reasonably assure that the Tantalum, Tungsten, Tin or Gold in the products we manufacture are procured only from smelters/refineries that have been verified by an independent third party, and providing products that do not directly or indirectly benefit armed groups that commit serious human rights violations, WUS will assess future business with suppliers who are noncompliant with this policy.
                        WUS is committed to ethical practices and compliance with applicable laws and regulations wherever it does business.
                滬士電陽一本來就發黑子股份有限公司    版權所有